Contact Originators – the rebuild begins

Contact Originators has confirmed the business has successfully recovered from its recent fire achieving 99.6% OTIF performance to customers in the first week of recovery, with the notable support of key partners SGS and Waldo.

“Clearly, the fire was a massive shock to the business, but I couldn’t be prouder of the team in their commitment to recover, build and move forward. Everyone has been astonished at the rate we returned to trading. Despite the gravity of the situation, within 24 hours we had re-established our studio and administration functions, relocated whatever residual equipment we could, and started production back up,” said Steve Mulcahy, Contact Originators Group CEO.

Steve Mulcahy, CEO of Contact Originators.

“We have retained approximately 60% of our platemaking production at our Bredbury site and the remainder is being produced by plate production partners, whose support has been fantastic,” he continues. “All our plate cutting, mounting and quality control operations have been retained on site, meaning that we have been able to continue to supply our customers with the quality and service they expect from ‘Team Contact’ so thankfully it is very much business as usual.”

Mulcahy adds, “As is always the case, the insurance and legal side of these situations will take some time to resolve, but thanks to our comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity procedures, the insurance company has been extremely supportive and complimentary about our return to operation. While the details are worked out, we are seeking new premises to take the business forward, as well as developing our investment plans for the latest innovations in production equipment.”

Mulcahy concludes, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their offers of help. From machinery to computer equipment, offers of loans and temporary premises, the outpouring of support has been overwhelming and testament to the fantastic nature of the flexo industry. Thank you from everyone at Contact who are now ready to begin our rebuild.”

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