Fire at Contact Originators

Contact Originators has thanked the emergency services, suppliers, customers and competitors from the industry for their overwhelming support after a serious fire occurred at its Bredbury, Stockport facility early on Saturday 18th January.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the offers of help from the sector and despite the difficulties experienced over the weekend, we are back in full production and able to service our customers despite the seriousness of the fire,” says Steve Mulcahy, Contact Originators Group CEO.

He continues, “Investigations are ongoing with the fire service to identify the cause. We’ve lost one complete building but, with the amazing commitment of the Contact Team over the weekend, we’ve been able to relocate the entire studio and production set up in our second facility. Fortunately, all of our customer data was backed up on two separate servers, so we have re-established all our systems to ensure the quality, consistency and service our customers have come to expect, right from Monday morning.”

Mulcahy concludes, “Clearly this has been a devastating blow to the business. We’ve built a fantastic reputation over the past few years and we are determined that this will not affect our performance. I’m personally humbled by the sheer determination of the team to rise to the situation. With the outpourings of help and support from everyone across the industry, we can communicate with confidence that Contact is in great shape and we’re ready to move forward.”

Contact Originators operates from two adjacent facilities, the second of which remains unaffected by the fire and housed the main production assets.


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