About Us

Brunton Publications – the world’s leading publishers of business-to-business trade journals for the fibre based packaging industry, covering corrugated, folding carton and recycling of fibre-based packaging.

Timely, informative and well researched – a portfolio of ‘must’ read publications for packaging producers around the globe. The magazines are strictly focussed by packaging medium and we do not combine different industries or packaging types, giving you industry information that is relevant to you, cover to cover.

Brunton Business Publications Ltd is a privately owned business, headquartered in Salisbury, England. A full in-house design and production team ensures your magazines arrive in a timely fashion, packed full of pertinent information.

Editorial is handled by a dedicated team of in-house editors and publishers. A group of well-respected freelance writers allows for a global perspective, no matter what the topic.

Group Publisher: Daniel Brunton

Social Media Manager: Louise Monington

Sales Manager – Recovered Fibre News: Fiona Brunton

Administration Manager and Sales Co-ordinator: Anna Howell

Lead Design: Ruth James

Design and Pagination: Julie Pearce

Head of Accounts: Hazel Angell

Financial Director: Ken Stratton

Production Co-ordinator: Steve Marriott


The company has sales representatives in North America (NV Publications).

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