Cartorobica automates corrugated production with BOBST EXPERTLINE

Replacing an older die-cutter, the BOBST EXPERTLINE is allowing the Italian packaging manufacturer, Cartorobica, to meet the market challenges for faster delivery of high quality corrugated boxes and other corrugated products.

Established by President Carlo Taschetti’s father in the early 1970s, Cartorobica S.p.A. has been under the exclusive control of the Taschetti family since 1995. With this strong legacy spanning over 50 years, the company is dedicated to the production of high quality corrugated packaging. Its Calcinate site in the province of Bergamo, northern Italy, employs 85 people, producing over 60m sqm of packaging each year.

Cartorobica’s reference market today is mainly found in the industrial segment, but it also serves many customers in the agri-food sector and all other markets. Working under the motto ‘Quality is not a luxury, it is the guarantee of a company’s survival’, the manufacturer prides itself on precision, optimised production, and fast turnaround. Its particular strengths lie in its flexibility in terms of product variation and the ability to respond to customer needs in the shortest possible time.

Addressing the current market challenges, Taschetti said, “Today, the market is increasingly demanding. It requires speed in the delivery of goods, high quality, especially in printing, and competitive prices. Investing in new technologies is therefore imperative for optimising production and maintaining competitiveness. We decided to purchase the new EXPERTFLEX and EXPERTCUT line to replace our old die-cutting line.”

Presenting a highly automated packaging production line, the Expertline combines the printing prowess of the Expertflex post-print flexo press with the precision cutting capabilities of the Expertcut flatbed die-cutter. This versatile line has allowed Cartorobica to expand its capabilities and elevate the overall quality of the final products, according to General Manager, Christian Piazzoni.

“The Expertline is certainly the best solution in terms of productivity with only one start-up time and reduced labour costs,” says Piazzoni. “But it goes beyond being a mere production line; it fully embodies Bobst’s vision for the future of packaging. Through this strategic investment, Bobst empowers us to execute each stage of the production process with precision and excellence.”

Piazzoni continues, “Our foremost priority is to ensure the accuracy of each product, achieve impeccable printing, and expertly palletise the blanks. We are committed to meticulously overseeing every aspect of the production process, leaving no detail unnoticed.”

Ideally suited to producing a wide range of corrugated board products, among them e-commerce solutions and boxes for FMCG, the Expertline fits the company ethos by providing exceptional flexibility at a lower total cost of ownership. In addition to the printing machine and die-cutter, the configuration at Cartorobica includes a LOADER AF feeder, BREAKER 2 FLAT TRACK blank separator, and PALLETIZER system for advanced and fully automated handling of corrugated board, reducing the complexity for operators.

The Cartorobica team has embraced the latest addition to the production floor. Piazzoni adds, “The operators have demonstrated keen interest in every phase of the installation. The Expertline not only enables their professional growth, but also aligns with the company’s objectives and the goals of our customers.”

Responding to the question of why they chose Bobst for this significant investment, Taschetti says, “Our association with Bobst spans over 20 years. We have experienced their reliability in supplying machinery and spare parts. Additionally, they have introduced a feature enabling immediate responses through a direct connection to the new production line.”

Piazzoni concludes, “Having a direct link to Bobst assistance provides us with peace of mind, particularly in addressing any electronic issues. We are satisfied both with the production line and with the support team from Bobst, who have been exceptional during installation and in all post-sales interventions.”

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