Mosca for Zerhusen

Zerhusen uses machines from Mosca to automatically strap and wrap its corrugated products, leading to consistent processes that allow the company to concentrate entirely on production.

Every day, some 120 trucks with a wide variety of palletised corrugated products leave the plant and make their way to customers. However, the goods must first be secured for transportation, and each product has its own specific requirements. “We work with various types of load carriers and numerous special pallets tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. It must therefore be possible to flexibly adapt the transport securing system to accommodate various products and load carriers,” explains Jan Bolles, Final Packaging Foreman at Zerhusen. “Thanks to Mosca’s versatile strapping solutions, we can ensure that our goods reach their destination safely on all load carriers.”

An additional challenge is the strict hygiene requirements in the food industry, especially regarding corrugated products, which should not be exposed to any contamination during transportation. To showcase products in the best possible light, goods intended for retail sale should not come into contact with moisture or dust. Both groups of goods therefore require additional protection during transportation from the production facility to the end customer.

Strapping and wrapping

To meet the needs of their products and customers, Zerhusen turned to Mosca – and together the companies developed a versatile end-of-line concept that enables strapping and wrapping as required. “We have benefited greatly from obtaining both packaging solutions from a single source. Having a single point of contact for the entire line is extremely valuable, both in the conceptualisation phase and when questions arise,” Bolles says.

“At the beginning of the Zerhusen project, we first looked at the requirements of the pallets to be strapped,” explains Rainer Zinn, Senior Sales Manager Systems, Mosca. “In our many meetings, we openly discussed technical alternatives to ensure we would find the optimal solution for the end of the packaging line.”

The final configuration consists of a combination of the KCK-131 pallet strapping machine from Mosca and a Saturn S6 rotary ring stretch wrapping machine from Mosca subsidiary Movitec. The pallet strapping machine has special features that include an upper edge protection feeder that places corrugated sheets on the packaged goods to protect the product edges. The equipment includes a lifting turnstile that allows employees to automatically rotate loaded pallets by 90° in the direction of travel after strapping so the pallets can be strapped crosswise a second time. The stretch wrapper also requires little film material. “We are able to significantly reduce consumption by automatically pre-stretching the wrapping film by up to 400%. We can also reduce the width of the film and secure loads with a film that is reinforced from below,” Zinn explains.

The final concept positions the KCK-131-26 at the front of the line, followed by the Saturn S6. Both machines are connected by conveyor components, which align and transport the loaded pallets. “Thanks to individually programmable strapping programs, we can use this system to strap six different pallet types – including Euro pallet assemblies and industrial or corrugated pallets, which are used by a world-famous Swedish furniture department store. We can also strap each pallet two or four times and add extra wrapping as needed,” explains Zinn.

Easier operation

The installation and commissioning processes were fast and straightforward. “Mosca’s project technicians completed the setup and put everything into operation in just four days, and the process ran smoothly right from the start. Problem-free operation continues to this day, greatly facilitating our work,” says Bolles.

After the first few months of operating at full capacity, Zerhusen operators are pleased with the performance of the machines and particularly appreciate the minimised background noise.

“The electric motors used by Mosca in the strapping machine operate with high reliability and minimal noise. We also no longer need to repair compressed air lines, which quickly get clogged by dust in the cardboard industry,” Bolles explains. “Thanks to the continuous, hassle-free strapping, we are able to achieve the desired throughput without any issues.”

The stretch winder also contributes to a pleasant working environment: “The use of components such as a belt instead of the usual lifting chains to raise and lower the ring with the film distributor significantly reduces noise and vibration levels during operation, minimising stress and strain during work,” explains Hartmut Köster, Business Development Manager for Wrapping Systems, Mosca.

Employees can use the Siemens touch panel on the machine to quickly and easily adjust individual strapping or wrapping parameters on-site. “In addition to the pre-installed strapping programs, we can also quickly and easily write our own programs or modify them as needed,” Bolles says.

To ensure the smooth operation of Zerhusen, experts from Mosca’s technical service team provided Zerhusen operators with intensive on-site training on operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Should a challenge arise that cannot be resolved on site, employees benefit from Mosca’s One Service concept and the rapid support provided by the technicians.

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