Another TURBOX for StandFast Group

Left to right: Keith Reiter (Bahmüller sales-rep Mid-West), Dan Bulich (General Manager, StandFast), Scott Burless (Production Manager, StandFast) and Benjamin Lauterbach (VP, Bahmüller Technology Inc).

StandFast Packaging, founded in 1967 and based in Carol Stream, IL, is a leading provider of corrugated packaging, retail displays, retail packaging, graphic packaging, and fulfilment services. With the connected Blackhawk sheet feeder and the latest corrugated converting equipment, StandFast guarantees its customers deliveries as quickly as possible with the best quality. Since 2017, StandFast and York Container are a part of Atlantic Packaging Products, Ltd., one of the largest privately owned integrated corrugated packaging companies in Canada.

As a leading supplier in the corrugated converting industry, BAHMÜLLER takes pride in delivering the cutting-edge TURBOX specialty folder gluer that streamlines production processes and enhances operational efficiency for its customers.

In 2020, when StandFast Packaging Group, based in Carol Stream, IL  and a division of Atlantic Packaging Canada, sourced a reliable partner to bolster their 1-piece and 2-piece retail-ready packaging capabilities and capacities in the greater Chicago land, they turned to Bahmüller.

With the precise analysis of the current production, potential future needs and Bahmüller’s expertise in 1-piece and 2-piece candy and confectionary secondary packaging, an exact machine specification was worked out together. This ended up in a tailored TURBOX and TOPMATCHER 2-piece feeder specialty folder gluer line including the latest quality assurance system in combination with the single blank ejection system, UNIQUE EJECT. A code reading system that is fully integrated into the machine’s quality assurance system gives StandFast the security that the correct blanks are always put together for 2-piece retail-ready packaging. Mix-ups in language version, batch or type are ruled out with this new part of the Turbox quality assurance standard.

The transparent and comprehensive communication throughout the entire process gave the customer confidence to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the market. The Turbox with TopMatcher emerged as the preferred choice due to its unparalleled efficiency in producing two-piece shelf-ready packaging, aligning perfectly with StandFast’s vision for quality, efficiency and innovation.

Despite facing challenges posed by the global pandemic, including international travel restrictions and supply chain disruptions, Bahmüller remained committed to delivering excellence. The Turbox speciality folder gluer was completed and shipped on time in 2021. With a smart interpretation of the travel and enter regulations, the Bahmüller installation and trainer team was able to enter the US and perform the machine installation and training of the StandFast crew. Amidst the uncertainties, the successful installation  at StandFast Packaging’s facility marked a significant milestone for both partners.

The decision to incorporate the Turbox with TopMatcher into StandFast Packaging’s operations was further validated by the machine’s remarkable performance. Notably, the line demonstrated its superiority in minimizing setup times while maximizing output, a crucial aspect that directly impacted StandFast’s bottom line. By significantly reducing downtime associated with changeovers and increasing production efficiency, the new line enabled StandFast Packaging to meet tight deadlines with agility and precision. “Difficult orders can suddenly be produced in half the time or are now even possible,” said Scott Burless, Plant Manager, StandFast.

But it’s not enough to just offer one of the highest automated and efficient specialty folder gluer lines. The real measure of commitment to customer satisfaction lies in after-sales support. In addition to local first-level support and the corresponding availability of spare parts on site out of Bahmüller’s subsidiary BTI in Charlotte, NC, every Turbox and line is equipped with the latest remote and Augmented Reality (AR) tools. As a commitment to the North-American Market Bahmüller created already in 2023 the position of a Service Coordinator based in the US, as further step to increase service availability and excellence.

Moving machinery

The success of the Turbox installation at StandFast’s Chicago facility laid the groundwork for future collaborations between the OEM, StandFast Packaging Group and Atlantic Packaging. In 2023, as StandFast relocated its retail-ready operations (including the Turbox) to Atlantic Packaging’s new York Container facility in Elgin, IL, the decision was made to order a new Turbox for StandFast to compensate for the loss of capacity and reaffirming their trust in Bahmüller as a strategic partner in their journey towards operational excellence and sustainability. This new specialty folder gluer will prove its performance and capabilities already in the summer this year.

“Bahmüller is honored to have played an essential role in StandFast, York Container and Atlantic Packaging’s journey towards enhancing efficiency and sustainability,” says Benjamin Lauterbach, VP of BTI, a subsidiary of Bahmüller. “The Turbox specialty folder gluer with TopMatcher has proven to be a game-changer, empowering StandFast to achieve new heights of capability, productivity and quality. We are grateful for the trust placed in us by StandFast and the entire Atlantic Packaging group. The next Turbox specialty folder gluer will prove its performance and capabilities this summer. We look forward to continuing our partnership in shaping the future of the packaging industry in North-America.”



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