Weducon Web & Sheet Cleaning Technology B.V.

Weducon develops and produces web and sheet cleaning solutions for dust problems which arise during the production of corrugated board, board, paper, paperboard, film, tissue, glass, non-wovens, and other moving substrates.

It is Weducon’s mission to supply the most efficient equipment for the removal of all unwanted particles from moving surfaces, webs and sheets.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in the specific field of surface dust removal we provide equipment using processes without mechanical contact onto the substrate.

Weducon web cleaners are low maintenance and don’t depend on costly chemicals, consumables, or spares. Moreover, because they are noncontact, there is no risk of product damage. Operating costs are low, and the payback time for your investment is short..

Weducon Web & Sheet Cleaning Technology B.V.
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