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Nicki Kay names as new Managing Director

Zünd Systemtechnik AG has confirmed the appointment of Nicki Kay as Managing Director for Zünd UK Ltd. Kay joins Zünd UK with immediate effect. Tasked with delivering further growth and transformation for Zünd UK in the packaging, sign and graphics, textiles, leather and composite manufacturing industries, she will also work towards the development of new and untapped markets.

Replacing Stuart Cole, who stepped down from the role earlier this year due to ill health, Kay will build on her extensive experience in operations and management of strategic change across all levels of business.

“Zünd's cutters are the de facto finishing systems for businesses across the world and I am delighted to take the helm at such a prestigious company,” she comments. "My initial focus will be the successful integration of Zünd UK's global ERP and CRM systems to bolster Zünd UK's customer service excellence - an area I'm particularly committed to."

Tim Taylor, founder of Zünd UK and Commercial Director, adds, “Nicki has a collaborative style and a people-engaging approach to general management and business leadership that will maximise both the financial performance of the company and the potential of our employees. She also has strong problem-solving and decision-making skills which she combines with a passion for quality manufacturing and customer care.”