Zünd Cut Center 3.0

Zünd has expanded its already comprehensive software suite with new functionalities and another boost in performance and user-friendly operation. The new release includes a variety of intelligent workflow options. Additional registration methods generate significant increases in overall productivity. ZCC Version 3.0 now includes refined algorithms for capturing only those register marks essential for accurately determining position, skew and distortion. Consequently, the ICC camera targets only critical marks for capture while ignoring the rest. This leads to enormous time savings and translates into significant increases in productivity.

Dashboard is another highlight of the latest version of Zünd Cut Center. This new browser-based function visualizes performance and productivity data of the Zünd cutters operating on the production floor. It gives management and production staff easy, round-the-clock remote access to all relevant production data. Real-time job status can be viewed anytime, anywhere. Visualized statistics provide a clear, instantaneous overview of cutter productivity for user-definable time periods.

Organisation and clarity are the be-all and end-all of smart production planning. That is exactly what Zünd’s proven Cut Queue offers, with a tool palette that facilitates production planning and job management. Cut Queue estimates production times and facilitates setup by visualizing job contours. Many settings, such as overcut compensation and offsets for objects and cut paths, can either be handled automatically through hot folders or manually, at any time, via Cut Editor. Hot folders automatically generate production-ready files from commonly used layout and CAD programmes. This accelerates file prep and eliminates manual steps in job setup. At the same time, the software also automatically optimizes cut data for the shortest possible processing time by determining the optimal cut direction, cut sequence and cut path, closing open contours and smoothing curves. Cut Editor also provides such useful functions as crease-counter generation for high-quality creasing, powerful nesting features for maximum material yield, and a variety of routing features designed to deliver superior routing quality, productivity and profitability.

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