XSYS unveils Catena ProServX for real-time equipment monitoring, alerting and reporting

XSYS has introduced Catena ProServX, a cloud-based, real-time equipment monitoring tool for proactive maintenance and superior quality control.

By precisely measuring equipment performance, energy consumption, and consumable usage, ProServX empowers customers with great insights into their operations. With this data, decision-makers can make informed, data-driven choices  to optimize OEE and ensure the highest quality standards, while minimizing waste for sustainable plate making.

ProServX provides in-depth production reports at regular intervals detailing the number of plates produced during the specified period, along with the materials consumed. Alerts are sent out if any abnormal activity is registered, such as excessive solvent usage or a malfunctioning lamp, enabling customers to engage in proactive error management and predictive maintenance actions.

Another feature of ProServX is its ability to generate individual reports for each job with detailed insights into every aspect, from laser exposure to plate finishing. With this level of traceability, platemakers can ensure 100% quality control, promptly identify and resolve issues, and optimise resource allocation for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

The data provided by ProServX accelerates remote service capabilities to new heights and reduces unnecessary travel for technicians.

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