XSYS celebrates 70 years of the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College

XSYS has confirmed its active participation in the 70th anniversary celebrations of the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College (SPPC). Known for its remarkable achievements in education, the SPPC was founded in 1953 as the first higher educational institution dedicated to the publishing and printing industry in China.

“XSYS is proud to support the Shanghai Publishing and Printing College and we wish to congratulate the college on 70 years of outstanding contribution to education and innovation. The SPPC has played a pivotal role in shaping the printing and packaging sectors in China and XSYS is honored to have been a part of its remarkable journey,” said QiHong-Magenta Zheng, General Manager, XSYS China.

One of the program highlights of the celebration day on 15 October is a seminar entitled ‘Integration of Industry and Education on Green and Digital Printing under Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Strategy.’ As part of this topical presentation on sustainability, Florian Hölzle, XSYS Product Manager for the nyloflex® and nylosolv® portfolios, will share valuable insights into the key trends that are driving market developments and technological innovation in flexographic platemaking and printing. Hölzle said, “At XSYS, we are dedicated to advancing sustainable solutions for the printing and packaging industry. It is an honor to be a part of the SPPC’s 70th anniversary celebrations and contribute to the discussion on environmentally conscious practices that will shape the industry’s future.”

Additionally, the event will include two press conferences unveiling critical industry reports. The first conference will introduce the ‘2023 China Flexographic Printing Development Report’ offering an in-depth analysis of the current state and future prospects of flexographic printing in China. The second conference will present the ‘2023 Report on the Development of Green Packaging Industry in the Yangtze River Delta,’ shedding light on the region’s efforts to promote sustainable packaging solutions.

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