Xaar launches Aquinox printhead for aqueous inks

Xaar has launched its latest printhead – the Aquinox – delivering reliability, creativity, and sustainability for printing aqueous fluids.

The Aquinox is the latest development from Xaar’s ImagineX platform, and its aQ Power Technology provides a new approach to how water-based fluids are jetted reliably, delivering a robust industrial printhead.

Xaar’s aQ Power is a combination of technologies designed to optimisthe Aquinox’s lifespan and robustness when handling aqueous fluids. These include a redesigned internal architecture, new water compatible materials capable of coping with an extended working range of pH levels, and a revolutionary new drive system enabling optimum drop ejection. This, together with Xaar’s TF Technology ink recirculation, ensures the Aquinox delivers significantly increased nozzle open time compared to typical aqueous printheads.

Speeds of over 100m/min can be achieved, and a high native resolution of 720dpi and firing frequency of up to 48kHz, enables high fluid laydown, with maximum productivity.

Being able to handle the latest aqueous inks means the Xaar Aquinox not only delivers the impact and creativity demanded, but also helps users futureproof their business in a more environmentally friendly way. Xaar’s technology and its chevron architecture provides an energy efficient operation, reducing the power required for printheads, printers and end users alike. In addition, the Aquinox’s improved nozzle open time and latencyreduces maintenance and ink waste, helping to minimize the total cost of ownership for users.

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