WPO welcomes two new ‘Full Members’

The WPO (World Packaging Organisation) approved two new ‘Full Members’ during the first Board Meeting of 2022 held at IPACK IMA 2022, in Milan.

The new associations accepted, as part of this global packaging community, are Centro Nacional de Envases y Embalajes (CNEE) from Cuba and Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) from United Arab Emirates. As ‘Full Members’, both will have the rigth to vote in WPO matters.

“It is meaningful to WPO to get new members from regions where we are not that active yet. This is a way of increasing our presence in other regions and, most important, to contribute to the sustainable development of local and global packaging industries. On the other hand, no doubt both Cuba and United Arab Emirates will give excellent inputs to WPO new projects and actions. So it is a ‘win win’ partnership”, says Pierre Pienaar, President, WPO.

Luciana Pellegrino, Senior Vice President, WPO, adds, “The more packaging associations that join WPO, more we can have a better approach to the global packaging issues, especially the big themes like sustainability, save food, food safety and packaging education. WPO is always ready to help structure local packaging organisations. Our Executive team is prepared for that.”

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