WPO is part of the “Packaging around the world” collaborative lecture

The WPO World Packaging Organisation developed a collaborative lecture with the FH Campus Wien University which objective is to encourage students to research and present packaging practices, regulations, and innovations from different countries. By interacting with WPO members who have experience in those regions, students can gain insights into the cultural, economic, and environmental factors that influence packaging decisions globally.

The first part of the activity was held on 27th September. In this occasion, Nathália Antoniazzi, WPO Secretariat, introduced WPO and gave a scenario of packaging around the globe. Students were then briefed about the activity (explanation, questions, division of groups and countries). The second phase is planned for December with the participation of WPO Executives Pierre Pienaar, Luciana Pellegrino and Johannes Bergmair. There are 33 students participating in the program from 15 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam and Austria).

Nathália Antoniazzi, WPO Secretariat, presenting WPO
to the 33 students from 15 countries.

“In the pre-activity held yesterday, each group of students were assigned with two specific countries. They should research packaging trends, regulations, sustainability efforts, and any unique challenges related to packaging in that country. Based on their findings, students will be required to prepare an interview for the WPO member in these countries to confirm and complement their outcomes,” explains Pierre Pienaar, WPO President.

Luciana Pellegrino, WPO Senior Vice President Marketing and President-elect, adds, “Students must arrange a virtual meeting session to interview a representative of the WPO of the country they are studying and do an interview on the topics covered. Each student group presents their findings about packaging practices in the assigned country. The presentation should cover topics such as popular packaging materials, recycling systems, cultural preferences, government regulations, and any recent innovations. It should not be longer than 10 minutes.”

The main benefits of the “Packaging around the world” activity are:

  • Students gain a deeper understanding of packaging practices from diverse regions worldwide.
  • Interacting with WPO members from relevant countries provides valuable real-world insights.
  • Fosters cross-cultural collaboration, encouraging diverse perspectives and creativity.
  • Promotes awareness of global packaging challenges and encourages solutions with a broader perspective.

“This activity not only offers an opportunity for students to explore packaging practices around the world, but also facilitates meaningful interactions with WPO members based on their specific expertise and regional knowledge,” concludes Johannes Bergmair, WPO General Secretary.

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