World’s largest and fastest Kraftliner machine

Ilim Group, Russia’s largest pulp and paper producer with an annual production volume of more than three million tons, will significantly expand its production capacity in a project now underway. As part of an extensive investment programme, the company plans to produce up to 600,000 tons of kraftliner per year at its new mill in Ust-Ilimsk, Eastern Siberia, starting in 2021.

The centerpiece of PM is a XcelLine of the latest generation. With a wire width of 10300mm, the Ilim Group plans to produce up to 2,150 tons of kraftliner per day with basis weights between 80 and 175 grams per square meter. This will make the new machine the most powerful of its kind in the world. The production speed of 1,200 meters per minute also represents a top performance.

The preassembled equipment will be erected directly at the construction site in Ust-Ilimsk. In addition to the XcelLine and the BlueLine, components supplied by Voith will include a FlowJec dosing system for additives, the former section with two Fourdrinier machines equipped with MasterJet Pro F, a ModuleJet II and DuoShake, EcoCal hard calender, the drying section with CombiDuoRun dryers and a Sirius reel with EcoChange and VariFlex Performance winder.

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