Workflow integration with PrintFactory

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems has confirmed a new partnership agreement with software supplier PrintFactory, with an integrated production suite specifically tailored for Kongsberg cutting tables.

“This is an  exciting announcement for us as it marks the first software agreement we’ve entered into since becoming a standalone business earlier this year,” said Stuart Fox, President, Kongsberg PCS. “At that time, we declared our intention to work with other leaders in the field and this is the first of what we expect to be numerous such partnerships that will further deliver excellence to our customers around the world.”

PrintFactory is a production suite, comprising workflow software that handles repetitive tasks using network apps, smart tools and XML instructions to increase production speed. “PrintFactory achieves this while also being focused on colour management with their smarter RIP, powered by a colour engine, for perfect large format digital print,” said Fox. “With Editor, Layout, Printstation, just-in-time tools and cloud components, the new integrated software can be used in combination with the Kongsberg i-cut Production Console (iPC) to allow pre-press corrections to original files in almost any format.”

With the Editor tool, fonts, colour corrections and layout changes can be made without the need for expensive third-party design apps. Erik Strik, CEO, PrintFactory, said,  “Access to PrintFactory Layout means that manufacturers can now print and cut, nest and create double-sided jobs. It handles white generation and specialty colours and includes special tools for various segments – all-in-one tool for preparing jobs.”

The new integrated software includes several features specific to Kongsberg users, including:

  • Ability to export files as zipped JDF for cutting;
  • QR code support for automated workflow in Kongsberg’s iPC;
  • Offset to first registration mark for automatic production and correct cut file orientation;
  • Substrate name is included in the cut file for ‘Material is key’ function in iPC.

“This is just the first stage of integration between this workflow solution and our own iPC,” said Fox. “We have plans to work with PrintFactory on a number of additional features in the coming months, to further enhance the quality of production that customers can expect from their Kongsberg cutting tables and tools.”​​​​​​​


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