Wood partners with Juno on waste reduction technology

Wood is working in partnership with Juno, a Georgia-Pacific company, on the delivery of its groundbreaking waste recovery solution.

GP says the Juno® Technology can divert up to 90% of the municipal waste it processes away from landfills and recover it for valuable recycled materials. Juno Technology uses a proprietary process to recycle materials from waste streams destined for landfills or incinerators. The process sanitises the waste and recovers commodities such as paper fibres, plastics, and metals for reuse, and can turn food waste into reuseable biogas.

As part of a framework agreement, Wood will deliver full engineering, including Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and detailed Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCm), for Juno as it develops new waste processing sites globally. Additionally, Wood will support ongoing maintenance operations of facilities once complete.

Giuseppe Zuccaro, President of Process & Chemicals, Wood, said, “Bringing together Wood’s complex engineering capability with Juno’s innovative technology is an exciting opportunity to support our client deliver a circular economy solution.  Creating a more sustainable future is a strategic priority for Wood and this breakthrough project to reduce landfill waste and help circulate reclaimed materials back into the economy for future reuse is a purposeful proposition.”

Christer Henriksson, President, Juno, added, “We are excited to partner with Wood as we scale our Juno Technology and build out our pipeline of projects in North America, Europe, UK and Australia.  Juno Technology can process Municipal Solid Waste and out of what is processed, divert up to 90% away from landfills.  This can help cities and communities meet their sustainability goals.”

The FEED for Juno’s first full commercial waste processing facility in the UK is underway.

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