With spare parts sets, Baumer hhs supports the corrugated industry in service & maintenance

Due to the high production workload during the pandemic, many corrugated board manufacturers have neglected their usual preventive maintenance. With this in mind, Baumer hhs has put together ‘fitness packages’ for valves, sensors and cold glue pumps for its customers to restore the performance and reliability of their machines’ glue application systems to the highest possible level. As an additional incentive, the company is offering a 10% discount on all spare parts kits ordered by September 30, 2023 – a special promotion in the history of Baumer hhs.

“During and after the pandemic, production in the corrugated industry was an absolute priority – especially for producers of packaging for the booming e-commerce market,” explains Marcell van Meegen, Head of Business Development, Baumer hhs. “Many of our customers postponed their routine maintenance but have not yet caught up. With our fitness packages for our adhesive application systems, we are now offering them attractive opportunities to repair, maintain and clean their machines themselves and thus bring them back to a perfect performance level. More than ever, profitable and competitive production of all types of corrugated board packaging requires machines that reliably produce high quality with maximum productivity and efficiency. This is what the fitness packages for our glue application systems are aimed at. By also using them to reduce their machine downtime and waste, our customers simultaneously improve the sustainability of their production processes.|

All replacement parts in the kits are of the highest quality and have been adapted to the demanding requirements of the corrugated industry. They are certified by Baumer hhs experts and come with a warranty. The kits are available at short notice and are available worldwide for both new and older machines. Baumer hhs says that its sales and service experts will be happy to assist customers in selecting the appropriate kits. The company also provides them with tutorials to guide their maintenance teams through the maintenance process.

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