Wide Format Print Market Forecast: 2021-2026

Keypoint Intelligence has confirmed the availability of the ‘Wide Format Print Market Forecast: 2021-2026’. The report evaluates and predicts trends, automation, profits, and more in the wide format market.

Environmental sustainability is a factor in the evolution in the wide format marketplace. Demand for sustainability continues to grow and efforts to address this include the use of non-PVC materials, reduction of harsh chemicals in ink, and error and waste reduction. Turnaround times are shortening, leading to the rise in web-to-print and workflow automation.

“While it’s not expected that PSPs will become 100% automated, web-to-print systems, digital MIS, and production tracking software usage continue to grow as print service providers (PSPs) need to produce more products with fewer resources as a result of increased expectations from print buyers,” says Eric Zimmerman, Principal Analyst.

Unit placements in 2021 were almost 1000 units higher than pre-pandemic 2019 units. Ink technology continues to move towards resin/latex and UV curable, allowing for immediate application to meet faster turnaround demand. Overall, the market continues to grow in the face of economic challenges.

The Wide Format Print Market Forecast report can be purchased separately or as part of a subscription to other research provided by Keypoint Intelligence’s Wide Format Advisory Service. For more information about the report, please click here.

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