Whitepaper on ‘Maximising Business and Human Potential’

Enfocus has released its first whitepaper, ‘Maximising Business and Human Potential with Enfocus Switch’. The whitepaper is the first in a trilogy of pieces addressing significant issues facing printers around the world.

The document tackles the widespread skills and labour shortage, a challenge faced not only by employers in the printing industry but by many global industries and organisations. The paper provides valuable insights into issues such as ‘The Great Resignation’, to a rapidly evolving workplace forced online by the global pandemic. The whitepaper also demonstrates how Enfocus Switch has quickly resolved these challenges for many companies, often improving employee and customer satisfaction, increasing business performance, and generating obvious ROI within the first six months.

Tomas Van Rossom, General Manager, Enfocus said, “We are delighted to be able to share this valuable resource with our customers and industry partners. Understanding and staying informed of the current challenges faced by our market is vital to Enfocus, as is providing expert support to our customers. Our specialised knowledge of the marketplace enables us to offer the most versatile automation software for file handling within the industry, ensuring we continue to be our customers’ solution provider of choice.”

Switch is a progressively automated, modular workflow that offers universal connectivity with any business system such as MIS, web-to-print, imposition, and more. Switch enables users to tailor a system according to their specific business needs, meaning users invest only in the functions they will use. Enfocus says that Switch frees employees from repetitive, yet essential, tedious tasks allowing them to work more effectively in the areas they are suited to.

The whitepaper is now available to download from the Enfocus website.

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