WestRock to Consolidate Plants

WestRock is moving ahead with a $48 million expansion, consolidating its two corrugated manufacturing facilities in Sioux City, Iowa. All manufacturing will be done at its Bridgeport Drive location, where an 82,000-sq-ft addition is under construction. In addition, new equipment will be installed at the combined plant that will automate some job functions, according to the local newspaper, the Sioux City Journal.

“This investment will allow WestRock to modernize our operations in Sioux City,” Chris Augustine, WestRock director of corporate communications, said in a news release. “We will be more competitive in the industry and retain as many jobs as possible in the local community once we improve our facility layout and update our equipment.”

As part of the expansion, the other Sioux City plant will be converted into a warehouse and distribution center.

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