WestRock displays their commitment to sustainability at #ClimateWeekNYC

WestRock displays their commitment to their sustainability initiative through webinars during #ClimateWeekNYC and at the upcoming SPCAdvance 2020 virtual event.

The panel of speakers included Nina Goodrich (GreenBlue Org), Brent Heist (Procter & Gamble), Ben R. Jordan (The Coca-Cola Company), Patrick Lindner (WestRock) and Lauren Phipps (GreenBiz Group) as well as The Climate Group for an insightful #ClimateWeekNYC discussion exploring the role of sustainable innovation in packaging and beyond to advance the circular economy.

“I appreciate my co-panelists for their perspectives around sustainability. This is how we help make progress to achieve common goals and create a shared vision for a sustainable future,” said Patrick Linder, Chief Innovation Officer and President of Consumer Packaging at WestRock.

WestRock furthers the conversation on sustainability at the SPCAdvance 2020 virtual event on September 29th and 30th with WestRock CEO, Steve Voorhees, giving the keynote address on “Imagining and delivering on the promise of a sustainable future” and newly appointed Senior VP of Science and Innovation, Rajiv Banavali, on a discussion panel.


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