Wellpappe Austria Award 2017

Mondi received this year’s Wellpappe Austria Award in the POS category. The award recognises Mondi’s new packaging for premium packages, which was developed by the Mondi Group subsidiary in Grünburg and the Austrian traditional company and wooden construction kit manufacturer Matador. The high quality sales packaging ‘Box a Treasure’ impressed the judges thanks to its unusual and reclosable folding lid.

A selection of experts and promising young talent came together to boost the traditional toy manufacturer’s market momentum. Professors and graduates of the New Design University (NDU) in St Pölten worked with Mondi Grünburg to develop and produce an exciting, fresh and eye-catching packaging concept. “I am very excited about winning the Wellpappe Austria Award since it recognises Mondi Grünburg’s innovations and technical expertise. In my experience, combining smart design with high quality offset printing can significantly boost sales in value-added market segments”, said Florian Richard, Product Development Manager at Mondi Grünburg. The result – an innovative, single-piece box that looks like a toolkit or treasure chest, enhancing product recognition. Larger construction sets have an additional handle.

The shaped, folding lid can be closed over and over again, thus facilitating long-term storage of the wooden components in the hexagonally shaped sales packaging. Consequently, the box remains part of the product experience for as long as possible – an excellent example of how packaging can breathe new life into products and turn them into a timeless treasure.

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