WEIG utilise Marbach crease-bend-tester for QA

Marbach knows the requirements of the packaging market all too well. This is precisely why WEIG Packaging integrated the crease-bend-tester – a quality assurance device – into its portfolio several years ago.

It allows WEIG to check the accuracy of the creasing rules and the folding resistance of packaging before or even during production. Precisely positioned creasing rules in turn enable easy and precise folding and are also crucial for the shape and stability of the packaging. The crease-bend-tester therefore plays an important role in the production of high-quality packaging.

Lisa Gräbner, quality assurance, WEIG Packaging, says, “In the past, we assessed the set-up behaviour and creasing of our paperboard manually or by visual inspection. This required a lot of professional experience and a high level of sensitivity carrying out the inspection. We wanted to change this and have the opportunity to verify the subjective perception of the folding carton using measured values. This step was crucial for us, as we wanted to check our suppliers’ paperboards for compliance with the guaranteed specifications. In addition, the meaningful measured values also helped us to assess the quality of our own paperboards. Finally, they allowed us to better evaluate any complaints and process them accordingly.

“With these requirements in mind, we started looking for a suitable measuring device. We quickly realized that the crease-bend-tester met our requirements for testing the creasing resistance and bending stiffness of paperboard. Today, we can analyse creases quickly and also determine the bending stiffness of the paperboard. It is a quick and easy way to create a valid database that serves as an independent basis for the technical assessment of cartonboard material and the folding cartons produced.”

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