Weedon Group launches Flexie-mailer eco-friendly mailing packaging

The Weedon Group has launched a range of eco-friendly mailing packaging under the brand name, Flexie-mailer. The packaging is named for its clever design means the same packaging can expand from envelope to pop-up mailer to accommodate items of different sizes, from documents to a host of awkwardly shaped products.

Manufactured from corrugated cardboard from sustainable sources and fully recyclable, Flexie-mailers are intended to replace the use of both one-trip plastic and solid board. With corrugated cushioning, Flexie-mailers offer greater protection than plastic bags and they are approximately 30% lighter than equivalent solid board designs and come with peel & seal tape for secure fastening and an easy-to-open perforated strip. No void fill is required. They can also be printed with the customer’s own graphics in up to three colors, increasing brand exposure throughout the supply chain.

Flexie-mailers are available in 12 stock sizes. The smaller ones will fit through a standard letterbox. Larger ones will accommodate items as large as half a metre square.

“While there is growing concern about the use of single-use plastic, corrugated board offers an economical and sustainable alternative. 100% recyclable, strong and flexible, corrugated board makes excellent eco-friendly packaging,” said John Weedon, Weedon Group Managing Director

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