Weedon adds folder-gluer for e-commerce

UK-based Weedon PSC has installed a reconditioned Hong Jing folder-gluer which will help to meet the rising demand for packaging for online retail.

The machine has been installed at the company’s factory in Hednesford, Staffordshire, bringing its number of folder-gluers to three and increasing gluing capacity by 30%.

The machine will produce 4-corner glued trays and crashlock boxes and also offers straight line gluing. At 2.3m wide, the machine is larger than the company’s existing two gluers, so it will extend the range of box sizes Weedon PSC can offer. The machine will also handle doublewall corrugated board (EB and BC), enabling Weedon PSC to manufacture larger and stronger boxes suitable, for example, for transporting heavier goods such as television screens, electronics and clothing.

With an inline taping facility for double-sided tape, the Hong Jing will make the production of book wraps and twists wraps quicker and more efficient. It will also increase the company’s taping capacity significantly, enabling it to meet the growing needs of the online retail market.

Peter Weedon, Group Operations Director, Weedon PSC, commented, “The Hong Jing gluer is our latest installation to enable us to keep up with the growth in e-commerce. Over the last year or two, we have introduced a range of specialised packaging for our online retail customers, which is proving very popular. We are now investing in new equipment to boost our output to meet the increased market demand.​​​​​​​”

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