We can all be Recycling Heroes!

Every year on Global Recycling Day, the industry recognises the achievements of those outstanding individuals and organisations who have gone the extra mile to save the planet. “Now we want everyone to do more every year to make a collective contribution for the future of our environment,” said Ranjit Baxi, Founding President of the Global Recycling Foundation, who has issued three challenges as the world faces an unprecedented threat to our planet.

First, he wants everyone to follow the courageous Recycling Heroes we recognise every year on 18 March to go the extra mile to reduce, reuse and recycle more.

Second, he wants manufacturers to move more rapidly to reduce use of Bio and Composite Plastics which are difficult to recycle due to their heterogeneity but increase the use of easy to recycle plastic resins or plastic recyclables in their manufacturing cycles and above all let us promote a global drive to stop using single use plastic.

And third, on 18 March he is revealing an initiative to show what everyone can do in a global campaign of reforestation. Reforestation plays an important part in the Carbon cycle.

Ranjit Baxi said, “It is not enough to nominate and promote our heroes but to also ask ourselves the question, “What more can I do ?.“We can all do more individually and corporately to help restore and preserve the environment of our planet. The waste stream continues to grow at a frightening rate which we cannot just ignore or worse, pass on to future generations to handle. Let us all act responsibly and save ourselves for the Climate catastrophe.”

Arnaud Brunet, Director General of Bureau of International Recycling – BIR – said, “Combating Climate crisis is a joint global endeavour with all of us acting together to reduce waste and promote Recycling by using the Seventh Resource helping to save millions of tons of CO2 emissions.”

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