VPK Group launches its new European brand fit2size®

VPK Group has launched its fit2size® brand as part of its strategy to further develop Fanfold corrugated packaging solutions across Europe.

In response to the increasing demand for e-commerce and logistics packaging, the company has launched a new product based on the latest Fanfold innovation to further strengthen its ambition to supply excellent sustainable packaging solutions.The launch of the fit2size® brand follows the installation of a Universal UniFold 220 high speed line for the production of Fanfold corrugated packaging in Alizay, France to be supplied across Europe. The creation of a strong figurative brand for Fanfold underpins the ambition of the group and its belief in the bright future of Fanfold solutions. fit2size® works towards the elimination of void fill, spacers and fillers and helps to produce exact-size corrugated packaging on demand, stock keeping unit (SKU) reduction, and limits manual handling and forming.

Pierre Macharis, CEO, VPK Group, explains, “We want our corrugated plant in Alizay to be one of the most sustainable in the market. Our fit2size®Fanfold sheets will be made of green energy paper from our paper mill located in the same circular economy hub in Alizay. We believe that our Fanfold solutions will therefore be the greenest packaging solution for e-commerce and logistics, fanfold being by nature a sustainable product, through the elimination of wasted space and void fill in packaging boxes.”

Philippe Tran, Managing Director, VPK France, adds, “We wanted a pan-European brand with a strong affiliation to the VPK brand identity and an eco-friendly appeal that combines space saving with void fill reduction. With the growth in e-commerce and the increasing consumer awareness about oversized boxes and packaging waste, fit2size® meets these requirements. Our Fanfold range completes our product offering for all e-fulfilment packaging needs. From the application of tear tape for easy opening of packs or double-sided tape for e-commerce returnable boxes. But also producing automated bottom-lid boxes, brand differentiation and packaging personalisation with our HD-flexo and high-quality digital printing techniques are among the possibilities.

Tran continues, “The development of fit2size® in Alizay meets European demands for Fanfold – especially in France where supply is limited. We are also targeting adjacent countries like the UK and the Benelux region, where VPK has a strong position in corrugated packaging. Our plant in Alizay is perfectly located to export to those countries. This investment will definitely strengthen the position of VPK in France and beyond. Fanfold operations are foreseen to start in November this year.”

The Fanfold corrugated board is fed into customised 3D parcel forming machines to meet the needs of each order.

To further develop fit2size® VPK has appointed Fernando de Almeida as Business Development Director to increase sales across Europe.

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