Voluntary Carbon Credits – a recycling winner  

The Global Recycling Foundation (GRF) is challenging the recycling industry to reap the rewards of Voluntary Carbon Credits (VCC) and Plastic Credits.

GRF says the industry stands to benefit significantly from VCC. It believes that offsetting over a billion tons of carbon savings made by the recycling industry globally will provide billions of dollars of revenue to drive the circular economy, reduce the environmental impact, conserve depleting resources, and increase investments in environmental projects.

Ranjit Baxi, founding president, GRF, said, “Integrating the symbiotic relationship between VCC and Plastic Credits with the recycling industry will help to build a reliable source of funding to facilitate growth while offering a platform to offset carbon emissions helping to meet Net Zero Goals of 2050 as defined by COP28. Additionally, it increases employment by creating jobs and strengthens community engagement helping build sustainable supply chains. Integration of VCC into recycling initiatives helps to harness the collective power of the Global Markets enabling the stakeholders drive a meaningful progress towards a greener more resilient future.”

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