Voith employee inducted into Paper Industry International Hall of Fame

Christian Schiel, a former Voith employee, has been inducted into the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame (PIIHOF) in recognition of his many innovative developments that contributed greatly to modern paper machine designs.

The award was accepted by Michael MacGregor, a former colleague of Schiel and a co-sponsor of the award nomination, during a presentation at the Wisconsin Paper Council’s annual meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“During his lifetime, Christian Schiel was an extraordinarily gifted inventor and innovator of papermaking technology,” said Ron Crotogino, who is also a previous colleague of Schiel and nominated him for the award. “Seeing his innovations come to life in a production machine was the only reward Christian ever sought. Today’s formal induction to the Hall of Fame is an outstanding recognition of the innovations made by this remarkable man.”

“Christian was key in the development of many Voith Paper machine technologies and designs that are in use today,” said Rob Crossman, President, Products & Services North America, Voith Paper. “We thank the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame for honoring the life and contributions of a colleague who has made such an important impact on our industry.”

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