Voith adds modern pilot coater

Environmental waste due to plastic pollution is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based packaging have long been sought. An innovative solution is the versatile barrier papers that are recyclable and ideally biodegradable. The coating process for these papers is demanding; in addition to the perfect application of one or more functional layers, the drying of the sometimes temperature-sensitive application media is a challenge.

Voith has officially unveiled one of the world’s most modern pilot coaters at an online grand opening event. The comapny has extensively rebuilt its pilot coater at its Technology Centre in Heidenheim, elevating it to the latest state of the art to meet the worldwide increase in customer interest in trials with barrier papers and packaging solutions. For ideal results, the new pilot coater features expanded drying capacities, optimised web guiding and the latest automation technology and sensor systems.

“With the modernised pilot coater, Voith enables its customers to conduct extremely flexible pilot tests with different coating variants for all grades of specialty papers, packaging papers, board and graphic papers – and with highly efficient drying,” says Frank Opletal, CTO, Voith Paper. “Customers can apply the knowledge gained directly to practical applications. By producing small batches for market tests or comparing different system concepts, our customers get a much higher planning reliability for possible future projects.”

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