Vinfoil goes to Africa!

Vinfoil has confirmed its first ever installation in Algeria. With the installation of a Vinfoil Micro SF110MF installed on a Koenig & Bauer Rapida 105 Pro press, Advanced Pro Pack Print, (a subsidiary of the MADAR Holding Group), becomes the first printer in Africa to install a Vinfoil unit.

Advanced Pro Pack Print chose to invest in the system to offer solutions to its customers at all levels. With this approach, they stay close to their customers by focusing on three important values: flexibility, responsiveness, and ensuring a safe supply of goods.

A spokesman of Advanced Pro Pack Print said, “Our customers are looking for suppliers that give them the possibility to create unique packaging solutions. With our investment in the Vinfoil Micro SF110MF, we now offer a high-quality and cost-effective embellishment technology that allows us to meet the demands of our customers. By adding this cold transfer solution to our Koenig & Bauer press, we have created a competitive advantage in our market and we can’t wait to show the first results.”

“The Vinfoil Micro SF110MF is a smart cold transfer module that is the perfect solution to get familiar with cold transfer technology,” said , CEO, Vinfoil. “It is cost-effective, allowing you to start building your cold transfer business with minimal investment.”

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