Vinfoil first for Hungary

Vinfoil has confirmed it has made its first installation of a Vinfoil Optima SF110MF at Keskeny Nyomda-Keskeny & Co. Ltd. Printing & Packaging in Hungary.

Arpad Keskeny, Commercial Manager, Keskeny Nyomda- Keskeny & Co. Ltd. Printing & Packaging, said, “We are looking forward with great anticipation to the arrival of our new Vinfoil cold transfer unit. With 10 years of experience in the cold transfer industry, we are convinced that the Optima SF110MF will bring our business to the next level. Taking into account the Multiple Foil Use foil saving feature, we expect to be more cost-effective and we can open up to many new customers. With the special configuration of our Heidelberg printing press in combination with this cold transfer solution, we can offer more embellishment possibilities and we can’t wait to start production.”

“We are happy to see yet another customer being added to our Vinfoil family,” said Vincent van der Heijden, CEO, Vinfoil. “With this being Vinfoil’s 79th installation, it is great to see our customer base keeps on growing, especially in Eastern Europe.”

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