Version 7.5 of PACKZ PDF Editor released

Version 7.5 of PACKZ, HYBRID Software‘s native PDF editor, delivers the next generation of pre-press software for labels and packaging. STEPZ 7.5 is being released concurrently for digital printing applications. Both tools provide bespoke solutions for prepress experts who require high efficiency, quality, and performance in preparing packaging files for conventional or digital printing.

Production jobs in the packaging industry have been increasing and as a result, many package printers and converters are converting to data-driven production. Pactions 7.5, the automated toolset in PACKZ and STEPZ with parameterized action lists, responds to the needs of these customers for advanced automation. This powerful tool decreases the amount of operator time needed to get a new package design edited, approved, and printed and connects seamlessly to packaging RIPs, workflows, and digital front ends (DFEs). Pactions can also be used for barcode generation, including the GS1 Digital Link Datamatrix code.

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