Vanguard and WSA-USA Partner

In late 2015 WSA-USA, LLC began marketing its latest High Speed Top Print Prefeeder design, the Compact Prefeeder. As its name suggests, the prefeeder’s concept is based on three design principles: simple, high speed and economical. For these reasons Vanguard Packaging, Kansas City, MO, has embraced this prefeeder and made it an integral part of the company’s newest converting line installed this summer.

Feeding an LMC 1025, the prefeeder has performed as the “little workhorse” WSA advertises it to be. With a 450 spm speed rating, it possesses the capability of keeping up with today’s latest high speed top print FFG’s. Jim Beard, COO of Vanguard states, “After reviewing prefeeders for the Latitude, we concluded that the WSA Compact Prefeeder was the best value for the dollar. It has all the features needed at an economical price.”

The simple design lends itself to two major benefits: less moving parts equates to reduced maintenance costs and ease of use for operators. Doug Vandergriff, Sales Director for WSA-USA states, “Our world class design team has provided us with a prefeeder product that when seen in action, will sell itself. It’s quite simply the perfect prefeeder for a mini to midline top print application.” Bob Gonzalez, Director of Manufacturing for Vanguard, adds, “After the purchase of the WSA prefeeder, the installation process was seamless and quick. The prefeeder is an unintimidating machine to understand, which makes training, operations and maintenance much easier to navigate.”

From left are: Jordan Mathes, Strategic Marketing Analyst, Vanguard Packaging; Doug Vandergriff, North American Sales Director, WSA-USA; Jim McLaughlin, President, WSA-USA; and Jim Beard, Chief Operating Officer, Vanguard Packaging

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