Valmet to supply new PM to Shanying Paper, Guangdong, in China

Valmet has confirmed it will supply a new OptiConcept M containerboard paper machine with extensive package of automation to Shanying Paper, Guangdong at its Zhaoqing mill in China. The new line (PM 52) will produce kraftliner grades and expand Shanying Paper’s business to Guangdong area.

PM 52 is following the OptiConcept M deliveries of Shanying Huazhong PM 21, which was started up in December 2019 and PM 23, which was started up in September 2020. In addition to these, Valmet has supplied five other paper machines to Shanying International. The start-up of PM 52 is scheduled for the end of 2021.

“We are happy about the earlier references of Huazhong PM 21 and PM 23,” says Wu Ming Wu, Chairman and CEO of Shanying International. “It was really nice to see how well and seamlessly everybody worked together when optimising PM 21 and starting-up PM 23, our people and Valmet’s experts were in Zhaoqing and Valmet’s experts in Europe were supporting us via remote connection.”

“Our earlier references are really good, which was an excellent base for the project,” says Hannu Savonen, Sales Manager, Valmet. “Valmet has proved to be flexible and reacted fast to the customer’s requirements and changes. The extensive automation package will be an excellent support in the start-up and for the line optimisation after the start-up.”


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