Valmet to supply a high-capacity winder to Norske Skog in France

Valmet will supply a high-capacity OptiWin Pro winder to Norske Skog’s Golbey mill in France. The main target of Norske Skog Golbey is to have one winder to handle the 550,000-tonne capacity of the converted high-speed and high-capacity paper machine PM 1, following the conversion from newsprint to recycled containerboard. The start-up of the winder is scheduled for 2023.

“The winder references Valmet was able to present us were convincing. Combined with our own experience with high-speed winders, we were convinced Valmet was the right choice for Golbey. We strongly believe Valmet’s single winder solution will meet our high-performance targets for Golbey PM 1,” says Yves Bailly, Managing Director, Norske Skog Golbey.

Valmet’s delivery will include an OptiWin Pro high-capacity and high-speed pro winder with transfer rails and broke collection. To meet the high-capacity targets reliably with only one winder, the winder is equipped with all the high-tech features available; Dual Unwind system will improve capacity with an exceptionally fast parent roll change, a fast grade change system including automatic slitter positioning and automatic set change, and a core handling system with core grooving. The winder will be delivered installed. To support the winder operators with the new winder, a support package of 6 weeks will be included in the delivery. The process optimization and support conducted during those weeks will cover items around winder runnability, uptime, winder broke and roll quality.

The winder will handle parent rolls with a width of 8,870mm at a design speed of 3,000 m/min and a daily design capacity of 1,820 tonnes.

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