Valmet Sizer Roll Cover CF for Palm Wörth

Papierfabrik Palm have installed a Valmet Sizer Roll Cover CF on the BM6 containerboard machine at the Wörth mill, to improve the machine’s performance. The new roll cover has a running interval of more than 200 days, leading to higher machine availability and better paper quality.

From the outset, Palm Wörth and Valmet set clear targets for improving the sizer’s overall performance: increasing the availability of the sizer, reducing breaks in the paper web, and improving paper quality.

“Knowing the technology by heart – Palm Wörth’s BM6 is equipped with Valmet’s OptiSizer – we proposed the replacement of the current rubber cover with Valmet’s special polyurethane Sizer Roll Cover CF,” says Peter Blasl, Senior Product Sales Manager, Valmet. “We also conducted further optimisation of cover hardness and cover thickness to achieve the best possible result. The new covers were made harder than the old rubber covers, which helped achieve excellent runnability and provided potential for improved starch efficiency with optimal nip pressure.”

The Valmet Sizer Roll Cover CF is a premium polyurethane cover designed for both film coating and surface sizing. It has excellent wear and marking resistance for long grinding intervals, and favorable surface properties for the best performance.

Jürgen Kosse (pictured below), Mill Manager, Palm Wörth, adds, “With this wear rate, operating a Valmet Sizer Roll Cover CF with a running interval of more than a year is realistic.”

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