Valmet rebuild for Productora Nacional de Papel in Mexico

Valmet has confirmed it will supply a sizing section rebuild to Productora Nacional de Papel in Mexico. In the project, the BM1 will be upgraded to improve strength properties and add new coated white-top testliner grades (WTL) to the machine’s product portfolio. The start-up of the rebuilt machine is scheduled to take place by the end of 2023.

Productora Nacional de Papel is located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and is part of the Mexican Editorial Organization. Productora Nacional de Papel has a total of 370 employees across its facilities. The paper machine, with a width of 6.7m, will produce testliner, fluting and coated WTL grades within a basis weight range of 90–250 gsm. The design speed of the new parts will be 700 m/min with a daily design capacity of approximately 700 tons.

“We want to increase the number of products in our portfolio and improve the strength properties of all our products. We consider Valmet to be a reliable and trusted partner. Our previous projects with Valmet have been successful,” says Francisco Torres Vázquez, CEO of Productora Nacional de Papel and Cartones Ponderosa, a sister company of Productora Nacional.

Valmet’s delivery for BM1 will include a new OptiRun Hybrid afterdryer section to increase the machine’s drying capacity. OptiSizer Film with supply systems will be installed to improve board strength. The sizer will be followed by a TurnFloat web turning unit, an OptiDry Coat air dryer and an OptiAir heat recovery system for the air dryers. The delivery will also include spare parts and consumables.



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