Valmet for Kotkamills

Valmet and Kotkamills Oy have signed an extensive automation service agreement. In addition to supporting production processes, the agreement will secure high availability of automation at the entire Kotkamills mill and especially on the new consumer packaging board machine BM 2. This is one of Valmet’s most extensive service agreements for automation in Finland to date.

Kotkamills recently converted its printing paper machine PM 2 into BM 2 to produce high-quality barrier board and folding boxboard. The machine was started up in July 2016. Valmet supplied key technology and automation solutions, including automation, information and quality management systems, analyzers, profilers, a machine vision system as well as process and control development services for the grade conversion project.

“We had a limited service agreement with Valmet earlier. With our new BM 2, we felt we now needed more advise and support, since there is still a lot of development work to be done on the new board machine. And Valmet has strong know-how in automation and boardmaking,” says Jan Lousa, Project Manager, Electrical Automation, Kotkamills.

“With the comprehensive services, we will help Kotkamills manage the processes in their entirety, speed up startups, as well as optimize production and end product quality. These services will ensure that the mill can now get everything out of its processes. The service agreement well reflects Valmet’s new service approach – the Shared Journey Forward. This offering covers reliability and performance services as well as the introduction of new technologies,” points out Emilia Torttila-Miettinen, Customer Service Manager, Services, Automation, Valmet.

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