US Paper industry reaches record for Containerboard production in 2021

The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) has released preliminary 2021 data from U.S. paper and paperboard mills indicating record containerboard production. The data indicates total containerboard production in 2021 increased 5.6% compared to 2020, the ninth increase in the past 10 years.

“Paper products and materials like containerboard help to meet the needs of consumers seeking sustainable choices,” said Heidi Brock, President and CEO, AF&PA. “These are some of the most-recycled materials in the United States – in fact, more paper by weight is recycled from municipal waste streams than plastic, glass, steel and aluminum combined.”

Based on this information, the consumption of OCC may also reach record numbers.

“Consumer demand is growing for sustainable paper products, and our industry is investing to meet evolving customer and consumer needs,” Brock said. “AF&PA members are dedicated to advancing the circular economy and our shared commitment to sustainability, as demonstrated by our Better Practices Better Planet 2030 goals.”

Paper recycling rates have grown over time and remain consistently high, meeting or exceeding 63% since 2009. In 2020, nearly 66% of paper was recycled.

“Paper recycling is a success story,” Brock said. “That’s because of the industry’s investments, education efforts, the wide availability of paper recycling programs, and the many millions of Americans who recycle each day.”

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