UPM Shotton MRF re-starts

UPM Shotton’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) has successfully started up following repairs caused by the fire on January 30th. The facility was tested over the weekend with no problems and is now fully operational. David Ingham, General Manager, UPM Shotton said: “We’re very pleased to have the MRF back to full operation well ahead of plans. A lot of hard work by the UPM Shotton engineering team, alongside their MRF colleagues, means that the impacts of the fire were minimised.”

Simon Walker, Head of RCP UK, added, “While the fire caused some interruption to our own production schedules within the MRF, supply to the paper mill was not impacted. We were also able to maintain full inbound and outbound services to our suppliers and customers throughout the period.”

The fire, which started in a waste residue bunker, was limited to small part of the facility. The fire and alarm systems worked to protocol, ensuring no injuries or serious damage. UPM Shotton also undertook a full structural survey of the fire and smoke damaged area of facility and made repairs to the conveyors and electrical equipment damaged by fire and water ingress. Improvements in fire prevention and firefighting systems within the waste residue bunker were also made.

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