Upgrade for Umka Cardboard Mill

Valmet is set to supply a board machine rebuild to Umka Cardboard Mill in Serbia. The main target of the rebuild is to increase the mill’s production capacity. The start-up of the rebuilt PM 1 is scheduled for the second half of 2021.

“This rebuild is one of the most important strategic decisions we have made in the course of the 80 year  history of the mill,” says Milos Ljusic, Managing Director of Umka. “We are pleased that this project is going to be completed by Valmet. I strongly believe in the success and bright future of Umka Cardboard Mill, with planned capacity of over 200,000 tonnes, further quality improvements and wider product portfolio.”

“The co-operation between Valmet’s and Umka’s teams has been excellent. Together, we built up a solution which will help Umka increase production capacity and improve their end product quality,” says Pekka Turtinen, Senior Sales Manager at Valmet.

The 3.7m-wide PM1 will produce white lined chipboard grades with a basis weight range of 160-450 gsm. The design speed of the new parts will be 600m per min. The daily design capacity will be approximately 620 tonnes.

Umka Cardboard Mill has been a part of KappaStar Group since its privatisation in 2003. The mill’s production capacity is currently 130,000 tonnes per year. Umka exports over 80% of its production to over 30 European countries. The most important export markets are Poland, Hungary, Romania and Russia. Umka’s board is widely used in the manufacturing of solidboard packaging for the food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, chemical, tobacco, textile and automotive industries.

From left to right: Kari Räisänen (Valmet), Milos Ljusic (Umka), Jadranka Priljeva (Umka), Staniša Lukić (Umka), Nikola Pejović (Umka) and Pekka Turtinen (Valmet).


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