UNTHA acquires control engineering supplier

UNTHA shredding technology GmbH has been purchasing control engineering services and components for its shredders from SW Automatisierung GmbH for over 40 years.

To fulfil the growing demand for individual shredding solutions and safeguard industry-specific expertise in the long run, UNTHA has now acquired the electrical engineering division of SW Automatisierung GmbH and renamed it UNTHA e-technology GmbH. Felix Grünwald and Andrea Gratzer are in charge of the newly founded subsidiary.

Left to right: Felix Grünwald and Andrea Gratzer.

“With the foundation of UNTHA e-technology GmbH, we have merged two businesses that have really been part of the same thing for decades,” says Andrea Gratzer, CFO, UNTHA shredding technology GmbH and Managing Director, UNTHA e-technology GmbH. “By integrating the electrical engineering division of SW Automatisierung GmbH into UNTHA shredding technology GmbH, we have become even more independent, which will help us expand our leading position in environmental technology further.”

Some 78 specialised employees ensure that all shredders are fitted with innovative control solutions, taking care of production and further development as well as customer service. “I am glad that part of SW now belongs to the UNTHA Group. Thanks to this connection, we will be able to cooperate even more closely in Research and development and thus boost our innovative power,” says Felix Grünwald, Managing Director, UNTHA e-technology GmbH.

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