Unified branding in place for AR Packaging

​AR Packaging has seen continuous growth while maintaining seven separate brands with a common goal: adding value for customers by offering a broad product range and expertise in packaging. From now on, these brands will merge and have the same name.

The seven brands now becoming one are ÅR Packaging, Å&R Carton, Flextrus, CC Pack, SP Containers, Maju Jaya and ÅR Packaging Digital. In addition, the four recently acquired brands Nampak Carton Nigeria, K+D, rlc Packaging and BSC Drukarnia Opakowan will also be incorporated under the new name. This is in line with AR Packaging’s growth strategy as the company prepares and aims for further growth organically and through acquisitions.

AR Packaging has a large customer base of established international companies including regional and local customers in more than 50 countries globally. As concerns for the environment grow, a clear shift in consumers’ behaviour is seen and more producers and food chains decide to eliminate disposable plastic products and set clear targets on minimised environmental impact. The global packaging industry is having to respond to this change and AR Packaging is ideally positioned to play an important and prominent role in this change.

“In addition to the focus on sustainable packaging, the ongoing corona pandemic has shown that packaging matters by providing hygienic protection and securing that food reaches the consumers safely. This altogether creates new business opportunities with AR Packaging having an extensive product range and strong innovation capabilities,” said Harald Schulz, CEO (pictured below).


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