UEI® Group ribbon cutting ceremony

The UEI® Group companies recently unveiled their new world headquarters, located at 9000 Nieman Road, Overland Park, Kansas, USA. To commemorate, the UEI® Group held an opening ceremony for their employees and local officials in January, which concluded with a ribbon-cutting by Glenn and Sue Hutchison, the Chairman of the Board and his wife.

UEI® Group companies were founded with one company by Glenn Hutchison in 1971. Since then, the UEI family of companies has grown from a single company and a few employees to multiple companies, in various locations. The new headquarters was scheduled, but completed in advance of the 50-year anniversary of the original UEI® company, Universal Lustre Leaf. Selecting the right facility and location was paramount. The ideal facility chosen was a former Sears building. The vision behind this new facility was a culmination of years of planning from concept to completion.

The new facility also contains a premier Research and Development program focused on developing new products and processes for the foil stamping and embossing industries.

Heading the executive team is Larry Hutchison, the President and CEO of Universal Engraving, Inc. “Helping each UEI® Group company to better meet customer expectations, product needs and experiences is paramount with the Hutchison family and it’s an integral part of the core foundation that built each UEI® Group company”, he said. “We are thrilled with our new headquarters and the symbolism for which it stands and unites a group of companies for the betterment of the industries that they serve.”

In addition, the new facility is also conveniently located to several other UEI® Group facilities and adjacent to Universal Engraving Inc’s facility, which was recently renovated to further improve efficiencies, expand state-of-the-art technologies and operations for engraved die excellence.

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