U.S. Corrugated Inc and McKinley Paper are now one

It has been confirmed that U.S. Corrugated Inc and McKinley Paper Co have been amalgamated.

The integration of these two organizations is designed to create a fully integrated paper and packaging company with a vertically aligned network of paper mills, box plants, sheet plants and an efficient distribution network in the United States and the maquiladora region in Mexico.

McKinley Paper Co, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bio PAPPEL, operates two paper mills one of which is located in Prewitt, New Mexico, and the second in the state of Washington.

U.S. Corrugated Inc becomes a fully integrated packaging company which operates a network of modern corrugated box plants in Southern California, Georgia, Indiana and a planned Northeastern expansion. The new organization also has a box plant in Mexicali and a full-service sheet plant in Tijuana, both strategically located along the US-Mexican border in Mexico.

By combining both company’s cultures, values, skilled workforces and assets the result will be a nimble and forward-thinking organization that is focused on its people and its customers.

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