Two Twentyfive strategy hits the ground running

Prowell is pursuing its Two Twentyfive strategy with determination and continues expanding at a fast pace with two further corrugated sheet feeder plants having been confirmed. While Prowell Plößberg (Germany) and Prowell Trzcinica (Poland) take their successful partnership to a new level with a further packaging park in Drizzona (Italy), the company has now confirmed it will be building a new, high volume sheet feeding plant in the UK, close to the existing site in Ellesmere Port.

With the production launch of Prowell Drizzona (Italy), which is scheduled for the first quarter 2018, Progroup will be entering Italy for the first time – further enhancing its capacities and the associated market share as part of the Two Twentyfive strategy. The newly founded Prowell S.r.l. will be operating a corrugator in Drizzona, next to the Italian packaging company Imbal Carton S.r.l. A 2.8m corrugator will be run at the new site and will produce 100,000 tons of corrugated sheet per year at a working speed of 350m per min. This will create approximately 40 new jobs.

As part of the Two Twentyfive strategy concept, Prowell Limited will build what it considers to be one of the most efficient and most powerful corrugated sheet feeding mega plants in the entire industry. It is scheduled for the third quarter 2018, within just a few kilometres of the current location in Ellesmere Port, UK. A total of €75 million is being invested in a high-tech plant. Following a start-up and optimisation phase, the plant will produce 235,000 tonnes of corrugated board each year from a corrugator with a working width of 3.35m, thus seamlessly integrating into the Progroup mill system.

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