Two CUIR machines for VPK Tourcoing

Following the rebranding of its Ondulys business unit into VPK Packaging France, the company continues to invest in its facilities.

Most recently, VPK has installed two reconditioned MR die-cutters from Carvin, France-based CUIR CCM at the VPK Tourcoing facility in northern France. Plant Manager, Guillaume Losson, choose to change their old two Cuir machines from the 1970s for two newer machines. The two machines run at 4,000 sph, but the main reason for choosing these Cuir machines was so that they could continue to use all the existing dies. The first machine was installed in December, the second in March 2021.

“We found two MR in the market, got them back to Carvin, dismantled them, rebuilt them with new technology such as independent printing units, carbon fibre chamber doctor blades from Absolute, new motors and new electrical cabinets,” states Fabein Val Duprez, CEO of Cuir.

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