Turbox now in XL

Turbox is a well established name when it comes to gluing. Now, its manufacturer, Bahmüller, has launched the Turbox XL. With an operating width of 3200mm (125”), the development is due to demand from the market.

Equipped with Boxflow®Control and UniqueFold, Turbox XL is ready for the field. Customers from all over the world attended an open house to see the inauguration of the Turbox XL.

“Our main target is to offer a sophisticated solution and part of it is the recently developed DFS – Diagonal Fold Supervision – another contribution to Zero-Defect-Delivery,” explains Ulrich Wolz, Managing Director. “With the latest generation of BoxFlow®Control, Turbox can be equipped with a unique sensor kit positioned in the Dynamic Fold II section. The sensor block detects torn flaps and even misfolded flaps, by measuring the length and height. Faulty products will be ejected in the Unique Eject module.”

The first Turbox XL will be installed at a customer site during the summer this year.

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